Activities at Fletcher Hotels

Take a look at the possibilities in and around the hotels

Fun activities

Whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor activity, at Fletcher Hotels, you'll always find something to do! Many of our hotels offer a wide range of activities, including bowling alleys, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness rooms, and pool and billiard tables. Thanks to the convenient locations of our hotels, there's often plenty to explore in the surrounding area. Rent an e-bike or e-chopper from the hotel, put on your hiking boots, and follow one of the beautiful cycling or hiking trails nearby. Wherever you go and whatever you choose to do, you won't be bored at Fletcher Hotels.

Children's Activities

If you're looking for a fun children's party, there are various children's activities available at or near our hotels. For instance, the children can conquer heights at our climbing park in Uden, North Brabant. On the same site, the kids can also have fun with mini-golf or bowling. At another location in North Brabant, in Mill, it's possible to do an Escape Room and play mini-golf.

Activities for Couples

Are you going on a day out together and looking for a fun activity to do as a couple? At Fletcher Hotels, there are plenty of activities to choose from! At almost all of our hotels, you can rent an e-bike to, for example, cycle through the Veluwe, the dunes, South Limburg, Giethoorn, or one of the other beautiful locations. Of course, you can also put on your hiking boots and follow the hiking trails. The hotel provides various routes for you or seek advice from the reception. Want to try something different? Rent an e-chopper or an e-sloop. Other fun activities to do together include tennis, swimming, playing pool, and billiards. For more relaxation, you can use the wellness facilities at the BLUE Wellness Resorts. Need more inspiration? Check out our Fun for 2 Package.


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