Lowest Price Guarantee


Fletcher Hotels offers her guests the lowest price guarantees. Do you find our hotels cheaper through another website? Then you receive 10% discount on your lowest rate.

Always book directly through Fletcher Hotels for the lowest price

The lowest price guarantee from Fletcher Hotels guarantees the lowest price for each booking completed through our websites (www.fletcher.nl or an official Fletcher Hotel website). In case you book at a lower price on any other website than the booking through www.fletcher.nl, Fletcher Hotels reimburses 10% of your booking.

Keep in mind the following conditions:

  • The booking has to have been made through www.fletcher.nl or an official Fletcher Hotel website.
  • Within a maximum of 1 hour after the completion of your booking via www.fletcher.nl, you need to have established a lower rate for the same hotel from Fletcher Hotels.
  • Within this hour you need to have made a print screen of this lower rate.
  • Arrival- and departure data need to be the same as the completed booking via www.fletcher.nl.
  • Terms of payment and cancellation need to be identical to the completed booking.
  • A comparison can be exclusively made on the basis of the prices after taxes (VAT and local taxes excluded).
  • The content of the booking needs to be exactly the same as the completed booking (for example: breakfast, diner and room type etc. included).

The price guarantee does not apply if:

  • Reservations which are made in combination with or as a component of a deal, (member-) deal, voucher deals and/or anonymous offers.
  • Fixed prices from a corporate cooperation agreement apply; these prices are the lowest prices on average over the year; irregular deviations per period/day are always possible.
  • The prices offered by third parties, with whom Fletcher Hotels has no contractual and negotiated price agreements.

In case someone appeals to the lowest price guarantee one needs to contact the reception from Fletcher Hotels via receptie@fletcher.nl straight away, during office hours and before checking in.

One has to deliver:

  • The conformation from the reservation via www.fletcher.nl
  • A clear and readable print screen from the uncovered lower rate.

Outside office hours one should send an e-mail to receptie@fletcher.nl as well. Fletcher Hotels will handle the request as quickly and practically as possible before the check-in date. In case it is not settled before the check-in date the first reservation applies. The settlement will be taken care of after your stay.

Please note. Our hotel staff is not authorised to give judgement about or act on anything to do with the lowest price guarantee from Fletcher Hotels.

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