A nice getaway with your dog at Fletcher Hotels


At Fletcher Hotels, dogs and their owners are very welcome to stay with us and enjoy a little getaway. However, there are a number of rules that we have installed to make the experience for you and other guests as pleasant as possible. We ask you to read the general rules carefully. The stay of dogs is only possible on request, but not in all hotels. The rules may also differ per hotel. You can contact the reception of the relevant hotel.

Dog friendly hotels

Maximum number of dogs per room

A maximum of two small dogs (up to and including knee height) are welcome for a fee of €15 per dog per night.

Where are dog’s allowed?

  • In the hotel room, provided they do not bark when left alone by their owner. It is not allowed to leave your dog on the bed. If this happens, there is a fee of € 25, - in return, due to chemical cleaning.
  • In the hotel
  • In the car park
  • On the terrace
  • In the garden, dogs must always be kept on a leash

Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

Other rules

It is not allowed for your dog to go to the bathroom in and around the hotel. If this happens by accident, you should clean it up yourself. Plastic bags are available for this at the reception. If you do not clean this up, there is a cleaning fee of € 25, -.

Make sure that your dog is not alone in the hotel room, when it is being cleaned. It is easiest if you discuss this with the reception or housekeeping.

Not every room is suitable for dogs. When booking a room, read the room description carefully to ensure that your dog can stay in the room without any problems.

Find out here which Fletcher hotels allow dogs.

We wish you and your dog(s) a pleasant stay in one of our hotels!

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