Conscious and sustainable together!

At Fletcher Hotels, corporate social responsibility has been an important matter for years, we attach great meaning to this and make conscious choices to achieve a good balance between 'People, Planet & Prosperity'. Together with our employees, partners, suppliers and our guests, we are structurally and very consciously working on this, both inside and outside our hotels.   

What do we do?
We follow the guidelines of the laws and regulations, are ‘Green-Key’ certified, build and renovate sustainably and support social initiatives. But we also encourage sustainable behavior among our employees and guests, we inspire them through pure and honest food and to go into nature every day for a wonderful walk, for example. The hotel rooms are decorated more environmentally consciously without this being at the expense of comfort. Gas, electricity and water are used more economically and there is also attention for waste separation.  

Green Key certified

Within the CSR policy of Fletcher Hotels, we strive to make the environment a healthier and better living and working climate. In addition, we take care of purchasing products and materials that are eco-certified.

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Pure and honest
We offer our guests healthy and natural choices when it comes to food. For example, we look at sustainable and organic products and limit packaging materials.

Here and now
Consideration for our guests but sustainable every day, without compromising the comfort of a stay in one of our hotels.

The future
Fletcher Hotels continues to grow and work on the future. In new construction projects, we think of CO2 reduction and the development of sustainable buildings.

"By doing a little bit more together every time, we continue to develop Fletcher Hotels in a sustainable way."


Energy Saving is an important point for Fletcher Hotels and in order to comply with the energy saving obligation, we follow the EML guidelines. EML stands for the ‘Recognised List of Energy Saving Measures’ and aims to make the energy supply of the Netherlands more sustainable. To achieve this, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency has formally designated recognised energy saving measures for 19 industries, including hotels and restaurants. These are sustainable measures that have a payback period of 5 years or less. In order to comply with these measures and to be able to realize this within our hotel chain, each Fletcher hotel has its own plan of action. Fletcher Hotels is consciously engaged in saving energy by implementing the recognized measures that have been drawn up for hotels and restaurants. We aim to have implemented all measures that apply before the end of 2022. Listed below you will find some examples of the measures.

Application of LED lighting
All lighting in the hotels will eventually be replaced by LED lighting. Think of accent lighting, advertising lighting, outdoor lighting and lighting in elevators.

Insulation of pipes and fittings
By insulating pipes and fittings, less heat loss will occur, so that less heating is required.

Cavity wall insulation
At locations where it is possible to apply cavity wall insulation, this is also used. As a result, the hotels will lose less heat, which automatically means that less energy is consumed.

Weather-dependent central heating system
By using a weather-dependent control on the central heating system, the temperature of the central heating water is adjusted to the current outside temperature. The advantage of this is that the average temperature of the central heating water is lower, so that the boiler can generate heat with a higher efficiency.

Energy monitoring system
In order to be able to monitor energy consumption, Fletcher Hotels has an energy monitoring system in collaboration with energy supplier Groendus. In this system, all current positions can be viewed, so that real-time adjustments can be made if necessary.


Within Fletcher Hotels, various measures are taken that relate to environmental care, for a healthier and better living and working climate for all of us. We are aware that we have a broad influence on this, which is why we take the environment into account by using raw materials smartly, we reduce the use of energy and water, but we also try to prevent (food) waste as much as possible. In this way, Fletcher Hotels reduces its CO2 footprint.

There are countless possibilities to ensure that we waste as little (unnecessary) energy as possible. We try to be more energy efficient and take measures where necessary, whether this is to switch off the lights and air conditioning when they are not needed or limit the use of the heating without compromising the comfort for our guests. We immediately replace equipment such as refrigerators and freezers for energy-efficient appliances when necessary.

Water (consumption)
We are increasingly smarter with the water and try to reduce the consumption in, among other things, the sanitary facilities and in the kitchens. Where possible, we focus on positively influencing the attitude and behavior of our employees and guests. Because every little bit helps!

Sustainable transport in any form whatsoever. We work with full-service catering wholesaler Hocras, for food and non-food products. They provide our hotels with a modern fleet of vehicles and an optimal logistics, but above all mega efficient system. In addition, we encourage our guests and employees to come to the hotel by public transport. We have even set up a Fletcher's OV Trip Package for our guests. But we also focus on walking and cycling, nice to move in our beautiful nature. All hotels have bicycles. And in collaboration with ENGIE, a large part of our hotels with their own parking facilities are equipped with charging stations for guests and employees who come to the hotel with an electric car. In 2021 we started a collaboration with DHL Go Green, to ship in an environmentally friendly way.

Hygiene is of utmost importance within Fletcher Hotels. But we are also aware that cleaning detergents are a major problem for the environment. That is why we opt for means that have as little impact on the environment as possible, but also for partners and suppliers who consciously focus on this. For example, we purchase cleaning supplies for our kitchens and swimming pools from Ecolab. They supply products with an EU Ecolabel. In addition, we use Eviblue products for housekeeping and general service, which also have an ecological quality mark. Here too, we focus on influencing the attitude and behavior of guests and employees. For example, there is a sticker in every hotel room on which we draw attention to the reuse of the bath linen, so that the linen does not have to be washed daily, which contributes to the environment. Our supplier also washes in an environmentally friendly way by, among other things, using environmentally friendly detergent.

Waste (processing)
A responsible waste stream, that is what we strive for. We are always looking for solutions and improving (work) procedures to reduce our waste stream or make it more sustainable. For example, the purchase of more sustainable products is already a great advantage and a good step forward, only more sustainable products also produce waste. Having products delivered in bulk packaging and/or on roll containers results in a large reduction in packaging material, but there is still a big deal to be done here. Waste is inevitable, which is why Fletcher Hotels is committed to separating the waste we produce as well as possible. For example, paper is reused as much as possible or separated in a separate paper bin for recycling, as well as plastic. Food residues are limited as much as possible and collected in separate containers for processing. Toners and cartridges of the printers are returned to the manufacturer for reuse or in other cases donated to a charity, for example Stichting AAP. Although Fletcher Hotels can still make a major translation with this, it is already being paid close attention to in every possible way on the work floor.

Food & drinks

Every day we are working on realizing a policy that is as sustainable as possible with regard to food and beverage. This includes packaging, reusable products, the choice of products in our dishes such as herbs, local products, but also meat and fish with a quality mark. 

Packaging materials
Fletcher Hotels offers various products that guests can take with them on the go. For example, they can order a packed lunch or picnic for the road. When packaging these products, environmentally friendly materials are taken into account. The packed lunches are given in a paper bag and the picnic in a (reusable) tea towel. When selling (hot) drinks to take away, we encourage the purchase of a reusable Fletcher's Coffee To Go cups.

Fletcher Hotels also makes CSR negotiable with suppliers and likes to work with parties that also work sustainably and contribute to our sustainability objectives. So we have a partnership with full-service catering wholesaler Hocras, with which we strive for one ordering moment and only one truck in front of the door that delivers the various products. The products of our suppliers have, among other things, the following certificates:

• Fairtrade certificate Max Havelaar – Wines
• International Food Standard (IFS) – Wines, liquor, drinks and water
• Skal Biocertificate – Wholesale, storage and support activities for transport

Our products
We always make sure not only the purchase of the products is done in a sustainable way, the products themselves are also sustainable. We pay attention to this when purchasing meat, fish and vega (n) products. For example, only 100% antibiotic-free Gildehoen chickens that carry a quality mark are used. And the pork has the quality mark of 'Het Wroetvarken'. In addition, various vegetarian products and dishes can be ordered in the restaurants. These dishes always receive extra promotion during the 'National Week Without Meat'.

Own grown products
Several Fletcher hotels also grow their own products. This is done in the form of vegetable gardens at, for example, Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Broeierd-Enschede and Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Klepperman. Here they grow different types of vegetables and herbs themselves, which are then used in the kitchen when preparing the dishes. Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Wolfheze has its own 'Farmers Market', in which they sell homemade, local products, from homemade jams to fresh juices.


In the field of purchasing, attention is paid to doing this sustainably, especially by the headquarters. We pay attentions to the following: what we buy, where we buy this, at what price we buy this for, does this contribute to making our organization more sustainable or can we perhaps reuse our old materials and equipment. For example, we use a critical supplier selection. When selecting suppliers, we look at the extent to which they are socially responsible and screen various aspects. Think of certificates from the organization or sustainability label on products and environmental sustainability.


Cleaning products
We choose products with an EU Ecolabel or an ecological quality mark! Many of the disposables in our hotels are also eco-labelled, including toilet paper, tissues and printing paper. These are also all provided with an EU ecolabel.

"From the entrance to the restaurant, the kitchen and technical areas. Our supplier provides us with complete solutions and service at all our locations, ensuring food safety, a clean working environment and optimized water and energy consumption."

Some examples of products that Fletcher Hotels purchases sustainably:

Sustainable fire extinguishers
All our loose fire extinguishers are ECO certified.

Corporate clothing
We choose clothing that meets the highest requirements and strive with our supplier to use it in an environmentally friendly way. We pay attention to the materials, make sure the clothing is as sustainably made as possible and is made in the right working conditions.

Reused materials
Internally, we have our own 'Fletcher Marketplace'. Because why would we buy new products when we can reuse materials? On this platform, any hotel can offer products or equipment that has become obsolete in the hotel for free to another Fletcher hotel. For the transport of these items, we make smart use of our supplier Hocras.

Social involvement

Fletcher HRM

Personnel is the most important capital in the organization for Fletcher Hotels and that is why we also deal sustainably with our employees. We do this by consciously investing in development, vitality and loyalty. Fletcher Hotels has already taken many steps to build a sustainable relationship with its employees, in which training and education within its own Fletcher Academy play an important role. More and more training courses are being developed both digitally and physically and are (actively) offered to employees in various layers within the organization. What we do not want is for employees to be limited in the opportunities to develop and grow in their field.

Internal training
Our own Fletcher Academy is an important internal tool for knowledge transfer to guide our employees in their position in various ways. With this we stimulate development and knowledge expansion.

Vitality is about both the mental and physical health condition of employees. This starts with a good work-life balance. This can only function 100% if everything is in balance at home. If this is not the case, this can be noticeable in the workplace. The working environment is also very important and an employee must feel at ease within the organization. Vitality not only provides more energy, higher productivity and involvement, but also less absenteeism due to illness.

Absenteeism prevention
Fletcher Hotels makes every effort to achieve healthy working conditions for its employees, this is done, among other things, through the extensive Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). In the coming period, Fletcher Hotels will focus on healthy(er) food, such as a healthy lunch at the headquarters and in the hotels, so that everyone can enjoy a tasty and responsible meal. In the future we want to pay more attention to the day of the fruit and encourage exercise. Fletcher Hotels already offers affordable offers for employees in the various BLUE wellness, spa and beauty locations for much-needed relaxation.

Personnel recruitment & selection
Since February 2021, Fletcher Hotels has been engaged in a central recruitment and selection from the headquarters to gain insight into the recruitment needs and in particular to help the hotels in the search for the right candidates. In addition, we want to follow the entire process from selection to on-boarding and the guidance of our new employees. We follow this process to know find out what the employee needs to do his or her job in a good way. We also do this during the career of the employee. Career opportunities are also discussed with the employee in order to guarantee sustainable employability. In many hotels, Fletcher Hotels offers opportunities for employees with a distance to the labor market in the form of work and learning trajectories and a job. In this way, we want to offer everyone an equal chance on the job market.

Fletcher Hotels supports
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fletcher Hotels has made several locations available as care hotels across the country. The care hotels were intended to accommodate (corona) patients. This concerned patients who no longer needed care in the hospital, but for whom staying at home was also not an option. Fletcher Hotels feels a high level of responsibility and commitment to make a contribution in the event of a crisis. In this case, to prevent further spread of the virus and get the pandemic under control. Fletcher, in collaboration with ZRTI (Southwest Radiotherapeutic Institute), for example, offers (free) care arrangements for cancer patients and their families who have to travel long hours every day for a chemo treatment, for example. These packages can also be purchased at Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Arion-Vlissingen. Fletcher Hotels also contributes to CSR through sponsorship. An example of this is the collaboration with Make-A-Wish Netherlands through a Dream Night in Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Doorwerth- Arnhem. Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam also supports the Ronald McDonald House Emma Amsterdam through overnight stays, so that parents can stay close to their child. And several hotels across the country have sponsored hotel stays for the 'Close Connection' crowdfunding campaign. During a 1,500 kilometer long bike ride, money was raised for the No Guts No Glory Foundation.

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